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Meet Christine Wong

Christine is a seasoned life and relationship coach and therapist. With close to two decades of experience in coaching and psychotherapy work, she has affected real and permanent results faster in close to 50,000 adults from all walks of life.

Christine's warm and open personality makes her relatable with her clients. Since 2004, she has been supporting her client's self-discovery and deep realization process. Christine's passion for facilitating personal transformation has brought her all around the world just to learn cutting edge modalities that create significant mental and emotional shifts.

She only uses modalities that are safe, effective and well supported by research in psychology. Today, her works are heavily based on Professor Franz Ruppert’s PsychoTraumatology framework from University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany. It allows for holistic explanations for the various emotional, mental and physical stresses of your life. It takes into account your real life experiences and brings you into close contact with your healthy identities. Christine is the sole representative of Prof. Ruppert’s Psycho-Traumatology system in Asia under Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd. She is considered a pioneer of Psycho-Traumatology in South East Asia.

Christine is already training the next generation of therapists in this framework. She also regularly invites top experts in the field of psychotherapy from around the world to teach in Singapore. Christine has dedicated her life to transforming communities, one life at a time.



  1. Diploma in Trauma Studies, Institute of Trauma Studies, Norway

  2. Advanced Diploma in Trauma Studies, Institute of Trauma Studies, Norway

  3. Diploma in Psychotherapy, School of positive Psychology

  4. Member of International Council of Psychotherapists (UK)