Christine Wong

Have you been noticing recurring negative patterns in your life?


Being Victimised.

Feeling lost in life and at work.

Wanting to give up on your relationship.

Not being able to move forward in your career.

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There is a reason for all your disappointments and dissatisfactions.

I invite you to be curious and explore the possibilities that led you to feel negative right now.

You may not realize this; almost everyone experienced some types of emotional wounds early in our existence. It could be a sense of loss, fear of abandonment, deep-seated guilt, shame and many others.

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They are like emotional wounds.

They happened during our childhood and youth. The problem is, you are not aware that you have them.

Hence these wounds are never addressed. And like a physical wound, when unattended, it will fester and eventually affects the whole body.

Your emotional wounds have been affecting your whole life. It could be how you interact with others. The lack of affection you give your loved ones. The feeling that you need to be in control of everything.

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You are harboring deep-seated psycho trauma.

When you think of trauma, you probably think of abuse, accidents, calamities and other terrible incidences that could happen to a person.

According to Franz Ruppert, professor of psychology and a psychotherapist, trauma can be as simple as an emotional wound.

It could be as simple as a mother ignoring her babies' cries of attention or stressed out parents trying to keep the family going. And it could be as serious as sexual abuse by family members or strangers.

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Prof. Ruppert developed a powerful model that explains the effects.

The child psyche, with its limited understanding of its environment, have instinctively interpreted events as being a danger to its existence. So it psychologically splits and keeps the associated emotions of the actual event suppressed.

We then develop belief systems and habits to keep our minds from ever dealing with these very early emotions. The act of keeping these emotions and memories of the event suppressed becomes your survival strategies.

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You think you are normal?

Many people who are seemingly normal may have a trauma biography that is unconsciously directing their lives. You cannot talk about it because it is unconscious.

Reading up on psychology may help you understand yourself better, but it will not heal emotional wounds. Everyone harbours emotional wounds from our traumatic events during our childhood.


Unresolved trauma remains.

But you can do something about it.

Prof. Ruppert devised the Identity Method that will help you uncover your emotional wounds . Being aware of your trauma biography gives you a deeper understanding of your Self. That understanding alone can create shifts in your psychological, mental and emotional states and create ripples of positive change in your life.

My team and I have been running private and group Identity Method sessions that will help you come into contact with your deep seated emotional wounds. The activities help create deep awareness and internal resolution effectively so that allows the wounds to heal and they will no longer control your life.

Significant benefits of Identity Method You will experience these:

• Engage with others in more authentic ways.

• Feel more in control of your life as your negative patterns disappear and relationship conflicts decreases.

• Able to build more loving relationships with your spouse and family.

• Think more clearly and make decisions that resonate with the real you.

• Live a happier and more vivacious life.

• Gain back your Health.

• Gain clarity on your career and financial challenges


You will achieve real and permanent results within a shorter time in the areas that matters most to you.

You deserve to live your life with greater clarity, ease and happiness.


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