“Before I met Christine, I thought that I’m fine without feeling much emotions. I thought I have no problems and was happy. But I was wrong.

After I met Christine, she help me realize that I’ve been suppressing my emotions and also limiting my full potential.

After several coaching processes, I realised the meaning of true happiness and the most importantly it came within me. And the feeling is priceless! I used to have a lot of issue when came into speaking with others. It’s so hard for me to communicate in a confident way and I will always find myself stuck with words in my mind or in my throat. Not only that, I can’t maintain eye contact whenever I spoke. That’s how tough for me to even speak with friends. After one coaching process, I felt an immediate shift. I was able to speak with greater confidence with no blockage in my thoughts. Speaking with others is now so effortless and not a stressful experience anymore. I can only imagine how much my issue had affected my life before on my life!

So far this journey in understanding myself has been amazing and very rewarding. I wouldn’t have achieved it without Christine’s coaching methodology. I’m glad that I didn’t hesitate to go into this coaching. Now I really see the immense effect all this with a open mind and I thank myself for being brave to look what’s happening inside me.

Thank you Christine!”

Issac Tan
Healthcare Professional

“Many people say that Singapore is a stressed out country. I grew up experiencing stress in many areas of my life without realizing it. The scary thing is that I thought that was normal. I was feeling stress in school, at work, even when I eat, sleep and play. In fact, when I am not stressed, I felt like something must be wrong with me.

My relationship with my boyfriend was full of conflicts and I was not happy. I was often blaming and complaining about my boyfriend about many things - I was blaming him for not putting enough effort into the relationship, for making me feel alone in the relationship and the list just goes on. It was only 4 years ago, when I start to discover a little bit more about myself that I understood that stress is not a way of life and that my issues has nothing to do with others but myself. This is made possible through the identity works that Christine Wong used to support me since 4 years ago.

My boyfriend and I were in constant conflict and I was not happy in the relationship. I find myself often blaming and complaining about him. At that time I felt that he was not putting enough effort and making me feel alone in the relationship. But that was just one of my complaints. I had a long list. In 2014 I went through the identity works with Christine Wong. I started to discover a little bit more about myself that I understood that stress is not a way of life and that my issues has nothing to do with others but myself.

After all my coaching sessions with her, I realized for the first time that I have no awareness about my internal state and how I continue to indulge in the stresses of my life. When I started to gain clarity in identity and the stress I have been holding on to inside of me, magic started to happen in my relationship. I started to like myself a little more. My relationship became more loving! Looking back, it is like a miracle how from almost ending my relationship with my boyfriend to today that I am celebrating my 8th year anniversary in 2017.”

Lui Jia Huey
Professional Coach

“Before I was a very stressed out, apprehensive, angry and unhappy person. I constantly felt helpless and blamed my children for my stress. There were frequent arguments amongst us and my relationship with my children and husband was strained.

During the coaching sessions with Christine, she supported me in bringing clarity around my challenges. I realized that my challenges and emotional state has nothing to do with others. It had something to do with my childhood situation and that has affected me till adulthood. Seems like the vicious cycle is continuing in me as a mother.

Since I did not understand myself then, I did not understand my children. I was not able to see them for who they are. I have a lot of realizations and shifts after each therapy session about the source of my life’s challenges, like my anger and aggression. What happened to me when I was young had a huge impact in my adulthood in terms of my perception, emotions and behaviour.

These realizations through the coaching process led me to understand my unresolved emotions that had been suppressed and repressed all these while. Stressful situations in my family had been triggering my old emotion, and I react in negative ways.

Now my relationship with my children and husband has greatly improved. I feel more connection and love with them. My style of parenting has naturally changed to be more relaxed. There is less stress and anxiety. I see my children differently. I have become more accepting of them and start to understand them better. I’m less tensed and stressed out. I’m definitely a happier mother and wife.

The most important improvement is that I now understand the meaning of loving myself and loving my children for who they are. The change happened internally. I just applied what I understand from my coaching processes to my life situations. It gave me immediate clarity. I love the phenomenon of this work! My perception, and hence my thoughts, changed the way I managed the different life situations. It has helped me overcome the challenges of the past. ”

Judy Ho

“Before meeting Christine, I suffered frequently from tension headache. At one point, my tension headache was so bad that I even ended up in the A&E ward of the hospital.

Going through the coaching process, I realized that my tension headache is only a physical symptom. This is why after I left the A&E ward of the hospital my headache would still recur. I also realized that the root cause for my headache lies somewhere in my past, in my childhood trauma. And I have to take my childhood traumas seriously.

With Christine’s consistent support, I no longer have the headache. I find that I am now not easily triggered. Even when facing a very tough demanding boss, I found I could respond to him calmly.

Before going through therapy, I would have been easily angered, and could have quarreled with him. Interestingly, this shift occurred so naturally, without me being conscious of it. My first therapy session with Christine was in fact on anger management. And, immediately after that first session, my anger was reduced by 80%.”

Lim Seh Leng
Technical Manager