Christine Wong

Christine has spoken on the following topics to various organisations:

Community Centres, Family Service Centres & Counselling Centres, Girls’ home, Social Organisations, Government, Corporate Organisations, Schools, Hospital, Insurance companies, Interest groups & Private Organisations

Popular talk titles that may benefit your community

- 5 unconscious ways of sabotaging your relationship and how to overcome it.

- 6 steps to immediate healthy parenting.

- How childhood stress affects relationships and health.

- How childhood bonding trauma may be mistaken for for ADHD, behavioural, learning - difficulties in a child/ adult.

- Childhood bonding trauma and its effects on parents and children.

- Discover the Science behind stress, depression, burnout and its solution.

- Successful relationships creates success and wealth.

- Life before, during and after birth.

- How emotions affects our cognitive abilities.

- 5 unconscious signs that your child is beyond stress and its solutions.

- The Science and secrets of what has happened to the passion and purpose in our life.

- 5 unconscious signs that we are depressed and its solutions

- STRESS - why can't we do without it? and when does it become toxic.

- How to identity your dream career in 20 min through Harrison Innerview Assessment.

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Children & Youth

Identity Trauma and its effects on Youths

Child bullies and victims



Identity Trauma and its effects on Sexuality

Traumatization of sexuality and it's consequences



Trauma and affairs/ Infidelity

Childhood Trauma and couple relationships

Victim and Perpetrator



Trauma and violence in the family

Trauma of loss - death of a loved one

Early Trauma and its effects on parents and children

Childhood trauma and parenting



Identity Trauma and addictions

Trauma and physical symptoms

Childhood Trauma and its effects on mental health


Understanding the Intention Method

New developments and origin of IOPT

Healing tips


For Psychology Professionals

Why embark on Trauma studies for professionals with Vivian Broughton

Professionals and childhood trauma studies


For Career and Success

Childhood Trauma and success