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About Christine

Christine has spoken on the following topics to various organisations:

Community Centres, Family Service Centres & Counselling Centres, Girls’ home, Social Organisations, Government, Corporate Organisations, Schools, Hospital, Insurance companies, Interest groups & Private Organisations

Popular talk titles that may benefit your community

  • 5 unconscious ways of sabotaging your relationship and how to overcome it.
  • 6 steps to immediate healthy parenting.
  • How childhood stress affects relationships and health.
  • How childhood bonding trauma may be mistaken for for ADHD, behavioural, learning – difficulties in a child/ adult.
  • Childhood bonding trauma and its effects on parents and children.
  • Discover the Science behind stress, depression, burnout and its solution.
  • Successful relationships creates success and wealth.
  • Life before, during and after birth.
  • How emotions affects our cognitive abilities.
  • 5 unconscious signs that your child is beyond stress and its solutions.
  • The Science and secrets of what has happened to the passion and purpose in our life.
  • 5 unconscious signs that we are depressed and its solutions
  • STRESS – why can’t we do without it? and when does it become toxic.
  • How to identity your dream career in 20 minutes.

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